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The first ecologic fern producer in the world.

Our company made an environmental commitment more than ten years ago, developing a process to acquire the agricultural certification of ECO-EK with the AMBIO Foundation and the Rain Forest Alliance and the ISO 14001. 

Such processes have involved taking a series of measures to be environmentallyfriendly in areas such as natural resources, the handling of crops and residues.


This process consists in reutilizing all ferns that do not reach our quality standards. The product is treated by means of the Compostaje process, which is elaborated within an infrastructure specially designed for this purpose. The result is utilized as organic fertilizer in the area of foliage production.This same Compost has been developed with the red Californian earthworm, which digests the material or organic residue for the production of solid and liquid humus.




As our own initiative we have also developed a reforestation program, which is substituting non native and harmfultrees, with native species that will furnish food for the animals of the area.

One of our production farms is part of a protected biological corridor that extends to the Poás Volcano, which also adds beauty and warmth to our geographical location.